Free instead of 1.99 euros: Practical chemistry app for school and university today free of charge


The chemistry app “Periodic Table Chemistry 4”, which would otherwise cost 1.99 euros, is currently being given away. A practical tool for pupils and students.

Die App "Periodic table of chemistry 4" is currently available free of charge for iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch.

The “Periodic Table of Chemistry 4” app is currently available free of charge for iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch. (Source: IgorTishenko /

  • The “Periodic Table Chemistry 4” app brings the periodic table to iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch and Apple TV.
  • The application provides information about items, widgets, as well as an augmented reality mode.
  • There are no ads or in-app purchases. It is not known how long the free offer will last.

In the App Store are regularly Paid apps and mobile games free for a limited time offered. The promotions save you money and help the developers to increase awareness of their programs. A win-win situation, because you get some real pearls for free.

Im App Store Free of charge instead of 1.99 euros*


Among other things, you can get the app “Periodic Table Chemistry 4” for free. The program, as the name suggests, brings the periodic table to mobile devices. In addition to an overview, there is detailed information on each element, widgets for the home screen and even an augmented reality mode. 3D Touch for quick opening of elements is also supported.

The practical platform support is also useful. The app can not only be used on the iPhone, but also on Apple Watch, iPad as well as Apple TV.

That’s why it’s worth downloading

“Periodic Table Chemistry 4” is a practical app for pupils and students who have chemistry in their studies. The application offers practical functions and shines with a wide platform support. Fortunately, there are no ads or in-app purchases.

Periodic table of chemistry 4

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iOS apps currently available for free

iOS apps currently available for free

At least iOS 13 must be installed on your iPhone or iPad to use it. This means that older devices are also supported. The program is available in various languages, including English and German.

It is not known how long the free offer will last. So if you are interested, you should access it quickly. If you secure the software now for free, you can download it again and again for free, even if it is again offered for sale for a fee.

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