I see you! The camouflage of the new BMW2 cannot hide its tempting M Performance accessories

BMW has published the first official photos and information about the new BMW M2. The second generation of the most compact BMW M in the range will go into production at the end of 2022, the 50th anniversary of the German manufacturer’s Motorsport division.

In line with the evolution of Series 2 Coupe, the future M2 will look much more angular than its predecessor and its dimensions will increase. Unfortunately, the heavy camouflage of the car in the image hides the details of its design.

In these first images, it is not a base BMW M2, but one with accesorios M Performance. The most obvious by far are the copper-colored rims (with Yokohama tires) and the rear spoiler.

We don’t get a rear view, but it looks like the typical M dual exhaust tailpipes aren’t anywhere near the corners of the bumper. It could thus equip the optional center-mounted exhaust. It is a configuration similar to the one seen in the M3 y el M4.

Despite all the camouflage there are shapes that cannot be hidden with a vinyl, the widened wings, the double arm mirrors and the aforementioned rear spoiler.

Six cylinders in line and automatic change

Under the hood, the engine six-cylinder twin-turbo could you send some now 450 hp to the rear wheelsas in the BMW M2 CS. BMW promises to combine the performance of a racing car with the ease of use in everyday life.

Unlike its predecessor, the next coupé could do without the manual gearbox, at least in Europe. BMW has announced that the entire range of the 2 Series Coupé will receive a eight-speed automatic transmission serial.

Like the standard 2 Series Coupe, the M2 will be assembled at the plant in BMW in San Luis Potosí (Mexico), from where it will be exported to all markets. This production center, which began operations in 2019 with the 3 Series Sedan, will be the fourth plant to produce BMW M models, along with those in Munich (Germany), Dingolfing (Germany) and Spartanburg (USA).

BMW M2 Camouflage Mexico

On the other hand, the BMW M2 will not be the only BMW M to be presented this year. In total there will be up to four new BMW M. In addition to the M2, BMW has announced the M3 Touring, and M4 CSL and the XM, an impressive SUV plug-in hybrid.

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