New MacBook Pro only in July: Apple is struggling with delivery problems due to the corona lockdown


The effects of the corona lockdown in Shanghai are affecting Apple. If you order a new MacBook Pro now, you will have to wait a long time for your new notebook. Are there alternatives?

The Apple MacBook Pro is severely affected by the production restrictions in Shanghai.

The Apple MacBook Pro is severely affected by the production restrictions in Shanghai. (Source: Apple)

  • If you order a new MacBook Pro, you have to be prepared for long delivery times.
  • Because of the lockdown in Shanghai, production is only slowly getting going.
  • However, there are alternatives to get one of the coveted notebooks faster.

The corona lockdown in Shanghai has a direct impact on Apple and the production of the MacBook Pro. The notebook is manufactured in a large plant of the contract manufacturer Quanta in the metropolitan area. Despite the easing of the measures, the production strength is currently only around 30 percent, reports Macrumors citing industry service DigitTimes.

Quanta is now to gradually increase its capacity to 50 percent, but downstream suppliers are also still struggling with component bottlenecks.

Apple customers who are currently one of the coveted Laptops want to buy have to reckon with long waiting times. The 14- and 16-inch models are affected, but the 13-inch MacBook can be delivered immediately.

If you order a 14- or 16-inch MacBook Pro directly from the Apple Store, Apple will give you a delivery period between July 4th and 20th. The Mac Studio looks very similar, but with a bit of luck you can get the current MacBook Air at the end of June.

These alternatives exist

If you don’t want to wait two months for a new MacBook, you have alternatives – albeit with certain limitations. Take a look at the online shops of German retailers away from the Apple Store.

Some models are still in stock and can be delivered immediately. We recommend Gravis and Cyberport, whose MacBook Pro selection we link to below.

at Gravis to the Online shop*


at Cyberport to the Online shop*


The only disadvantage: Not every configuration of the notebook is currently available in these shops either. However, if you urgently need a device and possibly make compromises in terms of SSD or working memory, you will be supplied immediately.

Whether the production bottlenecks also affect the delivery of the upcoming iPhone 14 or the Apple Watch Series 8 impact is not yet clear. However, it is not unlikely that there will be slightly longer waiting times overall this year.

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