The best in music and sound with Samsung’s Q-Series soundbars

Experience a new way to listen to music and watch movies with Samsung’s Q-Series soundbars. An exceptional hearing experience awaits you now.

With its Q-Series soundbars, Samsung invites you to a extraordinary auditory journey. Take it to the next level with a phenomenal sound quality. Your favorite artists? As if they were in your living room. Your favorite movies? Even more intense. Enjoy the thrills and a cinematic experience from your couch. The dream ! We tell you everything about Samsung’s Q-Series soundbars.

Explore Samsung’s Q-Series soundbars

Exceptional listening experience with Samsung Q-Series soundbars

You could almost say that Samsung is reinventing music with its Q range. With these soundbars, the South Korean manufacturer offers the best 3D surround sound in its category. No need to connect your TV with the HDMI cable to enjoy the best sound, the range is based on Dolby Atmos technology and takes advantage of the wireless technology ! As if by magic…

To enhance your hearing experience, all soundbars in the range offer multiple speakers. As is often the case, the higher you go, the better. Thus, we go from a minimum of five speakers to 22 for the best equipped model in the range. Cherry on the cake ? All models are entitled to an included subwoofer. In short, the best music and sound are yours! Unsurprisingly, Bluetooth and Wifi answer the call, and you can also benefit from AirPlay 2, Chromecast or even Spotify Connect for better user comfort. Finally, the Q-Series range offers Tap Sound: simply place your compatible smartphone on the soundbar to pair your devices.

In addition to offering you an optimal musical experience, soundbars allow you to enhance the way you watch your favorite content. It’s certain, you won’t watch your movies and series the same way again. With Q-Symphony 2.0, Samsung’s Q-Series provides you with Perfect harmony of your soundbar with the action on the screen. Effectively, the speakers of your TV connect and synchronize with those of the soundbar. So you can enjoy an exceptional cinematic experience without leaving your couch.

Note that Samsung has not forgotten gamers and offers a pro gaming mode on its Q-Series soundbars. As soon as your console is connected, it automatically switches to pro gaming mode. The truly immersive gaming experience is yours!

Which Q-Series soundbar to choose?

To satisfy the greatest number, Samsung offers a multitude of different soundbars in its Q-Series range. There is bound to be one that suits you. Two models in particular catch our eye: the Q800B and Q990B soundbars. On his side, the Q800B soundbar sports 11 speakers, both upright and side, and takes advantage of Space Fit Sound 2.0. Obviously, we find all the specificities of the Q-Series range such as Dolby Atmos (wireless) and DTS:X compatibility as well as Chromecast, Spotify Connect and AirPlay 2, Q-Symphony 2.0 functionality, pro gaming mode, a subwoofer 8 inch bass etc.

Samsung pushes the slider and goes a little further with the Q990B soundbar. The brand doubles the number of speakers: they are 22. Just that! There are 4 vertical, 4 side and 2 corner speakers. Unlike the other models in the range, there is a voice amplifier, wireless rear speakers included and Space Fit Sound +. Otherwise, the Q990B soundbar offers the same features such as Dolby Atmos compatibility or Q-Symphony 2.0.

Available for purchase since last month, both soundbars have exclusive offers on Samsung’s official website.

And the Q800B soundbar catches your eye, it is displayed at 799 euros. But the good news is that Samsung refunds you 100 euros until June 21, 2022. And if you already own a Samsung TV, it’s even better since you can be reimbursed for an additional 50 euros. In this way, the Q800B soundbar costs you 649 euros.

If you want the ultimate, the Q990B soundbar also benefits from exceptional launch offers from Samsung. Displayed at 1599 euros, it drops to 1299 euros thanks to a cashback offer of 200 euros which climbs to 300 euros in total if you have a Samsung television. It’s time to crack!

Explore Samsung’s Q-Series soundbars

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