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The Hiseeu four-camera system is enough for the whole apartment

Gshopper has announced an excellent promotion for the Hiseeu security camera system, which is one fully digital CCTV system. IP cameras capture the image digitally and then the processing is digital. The cameras no longer record in the familiar FHD as they do with many competitors, but 3 They record MPswhich is 2304 × 1296 pixels. The material is transmitted by the cameras to the NVR via WiFi, which in turn is already can connect to the router both wired and wireless. Cameras only need to power them, which is possible from an electrical outlet.

Az NVR-be up to 8 cameras can be connected, but four are added to the set. If we want to expand the system, we can do so with any compatible Hiseeu unit. The recorders IP66-os they are protected and also resistant to external weather, they see infrared in the dark and motion sensors.

The NVR we reach it remotely so you can watch the recordings on your iOS, Android and Windows devices, but you can also connect them directly to a TV or monitor, as you have HDMI and VGA output.

It stores files locally on a hard drive, but you can also subscribe to a cloud service.

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