the park will soon reopen its doors!

A little over two years after season 3, Westworld is preparing its big comeback on HBO. Fans have unearthed a trailer indicating the release date of these new episodes.

While Game of Thrones would soon bow out, HBO left in 2016 in search of his new big hit. To do this, the American channel poached the brother and screenwriter of Christopher Nolan. With his wife Lisa Joy, Jonathan Nolan decides to start an adaptation of the film Mondwest directed by Michael Crichton in 1973.

The series immerses us in the heart of a futuristic park, where androids satisfy the deep desires of wealthy visitors. Lust and bloodshed, everything is possible in this Far West 2.0 provided you have the means. But when some robots start to malfunction, the dream quickly turns into a nightmare.

If the first two seasons focused on the interior of Westworldthe plot of the third burst of episodes crossed the borders of the park to stage the revolution of the androids and their fight to obtain the same rights as humans. This component will obviously be explored in more detail with season 4.

Opening doors next June

While we had somewhat forgotten the existence of the series, more than two years after the broadcast of season 3, fans seem to have unearthed crucial information on this new burst of episodes. On Redditsome are sharing an unlisted video that features brand new footage and a release date.

The appointment is fixed at next June 26 on the American channel. We should find the episodes on a weekly basis on OCS in France. Little talkativethe first images are an opportunity to find the whole clique, starting with Evan Rachel Wood who is camping Dolores Abernathy.

Loved it Newton, Tessa Thompson and Aaron Paul will respectively reprise their roles as MaeveCharlotte and Caleb. After a remarkable passage to Gothamin the Batman of Matt Reeves, Jeffrey Wright will find his character of Bernard Lowe.

Luke Hemsworth and Ed Harris will once again be there. For now, we don’t know who will be directing these new episodes. Jonathan Nolan had already worked on a few episodes in previous seasons. Lisa Joy also took her first steps behind the camera with Reminiscence last summer, she might want to try again.

We can expect more images to be shared in the coming weeks, just to promote properly. se comeback with a bang. Summer will be particularly busy for HBOwhich also prepares the return of the saga Game of Thrones. 3 years after its conclusion on our screens, the seriesoffer and premier spin-off. It will be broadcast next August, probably just after the season 4 finale of Westworld.

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