thus the Renault Group changes the mobility of the future

Just over a year ago, in January 2021, the Group Renault presented its Renaulution in the worlda strategic plan that would profoundly revolutionize the French group’s way of doing business – diversifying sectors and ambitions.
Not only Renault, Dacia or Alpine cars, therefore, also the idea of ​​a new brand that could also gather under its wing a portfolio of services as well as an entire range of dedicated vehicles, obviously 100% electric to meet the future.
That brand is today Mobilizewhich on May 10, 2022 held its Mobilize Day to explain to the press and the public what are the objectives to be achieved in the years to come – and we immediately give you a small preview, Mobilize wants to represent the 20% of the entire turnover of the Renault Group by 2030.

Mobilize shows its claws

Already in 2021 Mobilize contributed to 6% of the entire turnover of the Renault Group, but for Luca De Meo – current CEO of the French group – the growth margins are still wide.

In 2025 we want to bring the turnover threshold to 10%, in 2030 around 20%. But these are cold corporate percentages, how does Mobilize intend to achieve its objectives materially speaking? First the brand will offer to the public a whole range of vehicles: we are talking about Mobilize brand cars and quadricycles that could soon invade our cities, 100% electric vehicles made in a sustainable way (an example: the new Mobilize EZ-1 heir to Twizy), with over-the-air upgrade capability, with very little maintenance required and a reduced environmental footprint. These vehicles will exist within a fully integrated software ecosystem, which will make a broad portfolio of services available to both private customers and professionals directly within the vehicle. The new Software Defined Vehicle it will be ready as early as 2023 thanks to a network of over 600 developers from the Renault group.

The services of the future by Mobilize

We have very broadly named “various services” under the Mobilize brand, the time has come to get to know them in detail.

Let’s start on the energy front: today buying an electric car is a choice that fills with doubts, Mobilize wants to accompany its customers (whether they are mobility operators, fleet managers or private citizens) at home, at work and on the road thanks to services such as Mobilize Smart Chargeil Mobilize Charge Pass (which allows you to access over 260,000 public charging points across Europeincluding 1,600 fast-charging IONITY stations), the Battery Certificate and the charging infrastructure installation service of Mobilize Power Solutions. Choosing Mobilize will therefore mean relying on worry-free packages, with various ready-made solutions at the customer’s service. Also on the maintenance and repair front, Mobilize promises complete coverage thanks to the Renault Group’s sales network (over 6,000 points of sale in Europe), with the Flins plant (in France) which will be responsible for repairing and reconditioning the vehicles.

Vehicles that can also be given a second and third life, effectively increasing the possibility of use and profitability. Last but not least, i Mobilize financial servicespossible thanks to RCI Bank and Serviceswhich for the occasion even changes its name and becomes Mobilize Financial Services – so that Mobilize vehicles can become accessible to all.

On the front of individuals and small and medium-sized fleets, Mobilize will push up long-term rental solutions and vehicle subscriptionsaiming to reach 1 million rental vehicles and 200,000 subscription vehicles by 2030. Mobilize Driver Solutions will also offer solutions to drivers, NCC operators and taxi drivers (see the new Mobilize Limo for high-end services).

Mobilize will initially offer Kangoo Van E-TECH Electric, Master E-TECH Electric and other vehicles outside the Group to professional last-mile delivery operators, while in 2026, HIPPO will be launched. Not just vehicles though: Mobilize also intends to install 165,000 charging infrastructures by 2030, a big jump compared to 22,000 in 2021. Mobilize therefore puts the turbo and is projected towards an ever closer future.

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