Apple stops iPod production: are the devices still available for purchase?


Apple is retiring the iPod: The production of the once revolutionary music player is completely discontinued. Netzwelt tells you where you can buy the latest iPods.

The end of the iPod: More than 20 years passed from its original version through the compact iPod Shuffle to the iPhone fork, the iPod Touch.

The end of the iPod: More than 20 years passed from its original version through the compact iPod Shuffle to the iPhone fork, the iPod Touch. (Source: © Apple; Collage: Richard W. Schaber)

  • After more than 20 years, Apple stops producing the iPod.
  • The then groundbreaking music player became increasingly redundant in the smartphone age.
  • Leftover iPod Touch and older devices are still on sale.

Apple stops iPod production – and thus marks the end of a product history spanning more than twenty years. In 2001, the first iPod impressed with its revolutionary design and ingenious handling. Today, almost everyone only listens to music on their smartphone when they are out and about.

Apple’s iPod: A long outdated revolution

It was not for nothing that the last generations of the iPod Touch were actually slimmed down iPhone Variants without telephony function. This has already shown that the wave of smartphones that wiped out the then ubiquitous MP3 player from the market has also made the iPod redundant for some time.

Apple’s decision to end iPod production is therefore logical. Because even if the iPod founded Apple’s great triumph in the broad field outside of Mac computers and paved the way for the iPhone, today hardly anyone needs a pure music player for their pants pocket.

There are still iPod leftovers here

If you’re still keen on one of the last iPods – or are simply looking for a future museum piece as an investment: the rest of the iPod Touch and older models are still being sold off everywhere. For example, you can also buy the iPod Classic and iPod Shuffle via the Marketplace at Amazon.

at Amazon Buy iPod touch*


at Amazon iPod classic kaufen*


at Amazon iPod Shuffle*


At Media Markt and Saturn you can at least buy the iPod touch.

at Media Markt Buy iPod touch*


at Saturn Buy iPod touch*


It can be expected that the models will soon be traded on eBay and Co. at significantly higher prices than collector’s items.

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