Google launches a fun free minigame

There are only a few hours left before a new edition of Google I/O begins. An event that will let us see what the Google team has been working on, beyond the expected announcements each year.

Although the Google team has not given too many details about the event, it brings us a little distraction to pass the time while we wait for the start of this new edition. This is a free minigame created with Flutter and Firebase: Google I/O Pinball.

A fun and free minigame from Google

If you want to distract yourself for a few minutes from your day or while you study at home, you can stop by I/O Pinball. As you will see when you press «Play» you will be able to choose some of the well-known mascots of Google products as a character.

For example, you have Dino from Chrome, Dash from Flutter, Sparky from Firebase, and the well-known Android robot. Yes, the same pets that for I/O 2021 were protagonists of the virtual photo booth, which you can still find in this link.

Now they have returned in this minigame that can steal a long time from your morning. You will see that you can use the keys or the touch screen as controls, so you do not need more elements to start your game.

As you play you will discover some shortcuts to earn more points. For example, if you target Dash’s nest or the ramp leading to Android’s spaceship, you’re in for some surprises. And watch out for Dino, who eats the ball and spits it out in a different direction.

Aids aside, it’s worth mentioning that Pinball I/O is open source. If you want to know how it was created and how Flutter technology is used to design the different stages of the game, you can take a look at the document they share in Medium.

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