how to protect yourself when you don’t know anything about it?

Crime still pays so much, especially on the internet. These are millions of attacks that cost more than 6,000 billion dollars in 2021 alone. Why is it urgent to protect yourself as an individual? Answer below.

Cybercrime has become a scourge, and the war in Ukraine has contributed to reinforcing this observation. According to the latest figures communicated by the boss of the Italian aeronautics and defense giant Leonardo, Alessandro Profumo, cyberattacks cost the world more than $6 trillion in 2021.

Europe is not spared since a fifth of all attacks would target the old continent. During a conference, the leader also pointed out that “cyberattacks have been increasingly numerous, sophisticated and with growing impact”. Companies are victims of these hackers, just like individuals.


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If the subject is still taboo among individuals, the threat is very real. Many are those who, overnight, see their data being held hostage. Many end up paying a ransom to regain access to their computer. To avoid these tragedies, you have to know how to protect yourself. This is even more the case since the war in Ukraine started.

Logically, there was a spike in Google searches for the term “antivirus” in the week following the outbreak of hostilities. To protect yourself, you must above all put a real barrier when you browse the internet. Among the most popular tools, VPN software allows you to become anonymous and encrypt all your online content. Both on desktop and mobile.

Rather than choosing a Russian player like Kaspersky, we advise you to play the European card. Among the benchmark players, there is NordSecurity, which publishes a VPN (NordVPN) and a quality antivirus.

Right now, NordSecurity offers a double benefit in a single package: you have the right to its VPN for 2.89 euros per month (instead of 10.49 euros) and as a bonus, you also have its antivirus included. It’s up to you to use it or not, but it’s an added bonus. By opting for this double formula, you will not only have ultimate online confidentiality, encryption of all your data, but also a barrier against viruses and advertisements.

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With a solution like NordSecurity, you combine the two most important tools for protecting yourself on the internet. The VPN has also clearly overtaken antivirus in terms of popularity. This is related to the very definition of VPNwhich allows you to do a lot of things.

A French antivirus

In times of war, it is essential to start with a European security solution. If you want to focus even more on the local, there is a French antivirus vendor that is hugely successful. But beware, this one is exclusively available on Mac. Unlike a NordSecurity which offers compatibility on 6 devices in parallel (Mac, Windows, iOS, Android, Smart TV…), the Intego antivirus is therefore only on macOS.

It is displayed for the first year at only 19.99 euros instead of 49.99 euros. From a value for money point of view, it’s a very good deal. Note that this publisher has a fleet of more than 30 million customers and is regularly cited by independent experts as the best tool on Mac. However, we can only advise you to protect all your devices, because viruses can easily spread from one machine to another.

I take advantage of Intego

Should we rather resign ourselves and cross our arms while waiting for it to pass? No, confirm the experts. “Lhe new threats in the field of cybersecurity over the past two years have been collateral damages of the Covid-19 epidemic and the acceleration of digitization it has brought about”. In the years to come, cyberattacks are expected to be even more virulent. It is therefore necessary to know how to prepare for it so as not to put your data in danger. If you want to take action, here is a list of easy-to-implement actions.

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