Take 58% Off Amazon’s Echo Show 5

Amazon is now offering its Echo Show 5 at the price of 37.99 euros, a reduction of 58%! An unprecedented offer to which it is difficult not to give in.

I take advantage of the offer

The Echo Show 5 in detail

With its compact 5.5” screen and three colors to choose from (anthracite, white and blue), Echo Show 5 fits easily into any room in your home and blends harmoniously into your decor. Start the day smooth with a personalized morning routine that turns on compatible lights and an alarm with your favorite song. You can check the news or sports information of the day, set alarms and timers, check your calendar or stream music or series, using just your voice.

Echo Show 5 has an upgraded HD camera with twice the pixels making it perfect for a quick video call or for dropping in the kitchen to see if dinner is ready. You can securely access the Echo Show’s built-in camera through the Alexa app to peek around your house or just to see if the dog is on the couch.

Designed to protect your privacy

Echo Show devices are designed with multiple elements to protect your personal information, including microphone and camera control, and the ability to view and delete your voice recordings. All next-gen devices also come with built-in bezels to cover the camera. To learn more about the features that provide transparency and control over your Alexa experience, visit the Alexa portal and your personal information.

37.99 euros instead of 89.99 euros is the new price of the Echo Show 5 from Amazon.

I take advantage of the offer

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