The novelties presented for Google Workspace

In addition to the new features for Google Maps, Google Workspace also receives its share of new features, announced today at the opening conference of the Google I/O 2022 event, which returns to face-to-face events after two years of pandemic .

Among other novelties focused on the hybrid work model, the possibility of changing the light source virtually with studio quality when making a video call with Google Meet stands out, so it will no longer be necessary to worry excessively about having good physical points of light, although they will always help.

This function is called portrait light, although it is not the only one that helps improve presence in a video call, since the portrait restoration function also arrives, with which it can also be complemented.

Google says that with this feature, users can make improvements to the lighting level not only if they are in a dimly lit room, but also if they also have a poor Wi-Fi signal.

Facilitating the transition to the hybrid work model

Users will have different levels of improvements through a slider, being able to choose the optimal lighting for each situation they may be facing a video call on Google Meet.

But in addition, Google announces the arrival of the de-reverberation function, which filters the echoes that occur in spaces with hard surfaces, such as rooms. With the Live Share feature, content shared in a Google Meet video call will be synced and participants will be able to control the media.

Wake up Google:

Whether it’s in the office or at home, the person sharing the content or viewing it, participants will see and hear what’s happening at the same time. Our partners and developers can use our Live Sharing APIs today to start integrating Meet into their apps.

On the other hand, the automatic summaries expand and now land in the Spaces, so that users can have a summary of the conversations that they have not been able to attend, helping them to catch up.

Google commits to bringing automatic Google Meet meeting transcripts to Google Workspace, so users can get up to speed quickly, coming later this year, and lastly, existing security protections for Gmail are expanded now to Google Slides, Docs and Sheets.

Google gives as an example:

…if a document you are about to open contains phishing or malware links, you will receive an automatic alert.

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