Volkswagen will resurrect the Scout brand to rival Rivian electrics and the Ford F-150 Lightning

Bring out of oblivion or give a new meaning to mythical models has already become one recurring tactic in the electrification of car brands. And it is that any opportunity can be the ideal one to destroy with a product that counts among its commercial impulses with a recognizable and recognized name.

The last of these opportunities seems to be held by the Volkswagen subsidiary in the US. According to pick up electrekthe brand is thinking resurrect the Scout, an American offroad emblem that would return as an electric off-roader capable of standing up to the Rivian R1T and R1S.

The idea, which could soon receive the approval of Volkswagen executives, would involve the establishment of Scout as a new brand, focused on commercialization of SUVs and pick-ups. Thus, the German firm hopes to improve its position in this strategic segment for the North American market.

A myth of the American offroad

International Scout 67

Foto: New Legend 4×4

The International Harvester Companya manufacturer of trucks and agricultural machinery, ventured into the world of off-roading with the launch of the primer Scout in 1960. Its robustness and its affordable price were the best arguments for it, instantly becoming the preferred choice as a work vehicle in the field or in the mountains, even above the jeeps of his time.

Later, between the end of the 1960s and the beginning of the 1970s, the International Scout would expand its range and its equipment. In particular, its various customization options allowed it to develop a new facet as a recreational vehiclewhich is considered a preamble to the current SUV philosophy.

However, the Stiff competition from Detroit’s three giants (Ford, Chrysler and General Motors) forced International Harvester to close its automobile division and return to the quieter machinery sector.

International Harvester Scout

The last of the Scouts left the factory in 1980 and has since a large community of owners and enthusiasts keep thousands of specimens alive thanks to their restorations and modifications.

However model rights they remained forgotten until 2021, when they were acquired by Volkswagen through its purchase of truck manufacturer Navistar.

Now, what the German brand wants to do with this myth is to offer SUVs and pick-ups that are as utilitarian or recreational as the original Scout was. And also keeping as a premise an affordable price which, according to statements by its president Johan of Nysschenwould be located in the environment of the $40,000 (about 37,900 euros).

The latter would directly confront future Scouts with Rivian’s productswhose R1T and R1S start at $70,000 after their last price increase. But in addition to the Californian startup, they will have to face Detroit’s old enemies such as Ford’s F-150 Lightning or the RAM 1500 Electric.

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