Component shortages are preventing the PS5 from achieving its goals

Sony just misses its goals, but hopes for a quick improvement in the situation for its next-generation console.

The PlayStation 5 continues to sell well, but only while supplies last, a concern that Sony seems to be struggling to counter. Although 19.3 million consoles have already been distributed by the Japanese manufacturer, these results remain below the original forecast of 22.6 million total units.

Initially, Sony intended to reach, or even exceed the statistics that the PlayStation 4 had achieved at the same period of its lifespan by making available no less than 14.8 million consoles over the last financial year (which extends from March to March). The problem does not come from the interest of the players for the console, but from the difficulty in producing it.

Another drop was also seen on the PlayStation Plus subscription side, but the situation is going to be quite different this year with new subscription formats and the new catalogs which will be available from next June. The manufacturer is however pleased to have seen an increase in the sale of games for its two consoles combined, with 14.5 million titles sold this financial year compared to 7.9 million for the previous year.

The change is now

Although this regrettable situation has been struggling to stop for almost two years, the situation is about to improve, and Sony already counts it in forecasts for the coming months. In this new financial year that began a month and a half ago, the manufacturer plans to distribute 18 million consoles, a clear indicator of the future relief of the shortage of components that is wreaking havoc in the industry.

Computer graphics cards that suffered from the same stock problems as next-gen consoles are finally starting to be available on a regular basis, so the trend should also be found on the side of game consoles very soon.

Despite a tense situation at the moment, the indicators are mostly green for Sony’s forecasts. The new PlayStation Plus subscriptions will most certainly make up for the lack of subscribers in this financial year and the following ones, while on the console side, production should no longer be such a glaring problem in a few months. If you’re still desperately looking for a PlayStation 5 console, the home stretch is finally here.

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