LifeSmart Presence Sensor: Sensor detects the smallest of movements!

LifeSmart has introduced a new presence sensor with mmWave technology, the sensor detects the smallest of movements.

Presence sensor LifeSmart Presence with mmWave technology!

In the technology world, there are always advantages and disadvantages of a product. It is no different here either. The LifeSmart Presence sensor, for example, already detects chest movement when breathing, but at the same time it also becomes fatal. Because the sensor is constantly triggered by any movement.

Still, the technology is very cool. The radar sensor is comparable to the echolocation of bats. Accordingly, the possible applications are really complex. From now on, long sessions on the toilet could no longer be a problem. 🙂

The LifeSmart Presence Sensor is designed for ceiling installation. Connectivity is with Zigbee 3.0 and can interact with HomeKit-compatible Smart Station. The sensor also includes an ambient light sensor. In contrast to conventional motion detectors, the LifeSmart Presence must be operated with electricity. Because the sensor needs a voltage between 100 and 240V.

The new LifeSmart Presence Sensor is already available, but not available.


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