Norway is the world leader in electric cars, and now it wants its drivers to park them to catch the bus

Norway, the paradise of the electric car and the one with highest number of electric cars per capita, is beginning to see that the abundance of these vehicles not only brings benefits. From the Ministry of Transport of the country they see in its growth a hole in the state coffers and a detriment in the use of public transportespecially after the pandemic.

For this reason, they want to encourage the population to leave their electric cars parked and use public transport in a new proposal.

Objective: get electric cars out of cities


“It’s great that people use electric cars. But it’s not enough when people get in their cars and drive to busy areas of the city instead of walking, cycling or taking public transport,” said the minister of transport, Jon-Ivar Nygard in a television interview without providing figures.

And it is that the Government of the Nordic country is seeing how electric vehicles have become “a clear competition from public transport in urban areas“said the minister.

The objective is to make the train, the bus or travel by bicycle or on foot more attractive. A decision has not yet been made, but he acknowledges that the government is rethinking the plan to reduce losses in the public transport sector.

For now, dozens of ferry routes will be free for all citizens and visitors from July.


another way to get discourage the use of electric cars in the city es lower tax incentives for the purchase of these vehicles, as well as privileges such as discounts on tolls or parking fees.

While sales of electric vehicles dominate the Norwegian charts, their share of the current national car fleet is 15.9%, and about 80% of them still run on fossil fuels.

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