Twitter presents online game to know more about its privacy policy

The privacy policy of websites is usually a huge long text that few read, so it is important to find attractive ways for people to know at least the basics of it.

Twitter is one of the platforms that has taken the issue more seriously, and has now launched an online game to improve understanding of its privacy policy.

Available in twitterdatadash.cominforms about how Twitter collects information, how it is used and how we can control it as users.

We can choose the language of the game as soon as we enter, and start helping a dog, named Data, navigate “PrivaCity” dodging ads, avoiding spam and Twitter trolls.

The game has several levels, and it has a pixel style created by a company called Momo Pixel.

They have presented it with the phrase:

Transparency is fundamental to our approach, and we want to help you understand the information we collect, how it is used, and the controls available to you.

They have also amended their privacy policy to include fewer legal words that are difficult to understand, and have reorganized it into three main categories: data collection, data use and data sharing.

They have also tightened up on duplicate content on Twitter, saying they will limit the visibility of tweets that are copies of others, including the possibility of canceling accounts that make such copies en masse.

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