Unveil the new features that Twitter is working on

Twitter continues to grow in features, and that Elon Musk has not yet taken the reins of the platform. According to a series of screenshots shared by Jane Manchun Wongan expert in reverse engineering, on her Twitter profile, the blue bird platform would be working on two new functions related to responses, opening up new possibilities in communications.

On the one hand, there is the possibility of from a published tweet to generate an audio room where you can take the discussion live through voice.

And on the other hand, users would also have the ability to pin top reply tweets to their top tweetsso that they are the ones that can be seen first within the thread of the answers that has been generated after the publication of the original tweet.

Twitter continues to evolve through new possibilities

At the moment there is no more knowledge than what can be deduced from the captures, so it is not known if they will be options available to everyone or for subscribers, and in the case of voice rooms as a result of tweets , it is not known if it will only be possible to start from the main tweets or it could also be possible to generate audio rooms from a reply tweet that has been shared.

In any case, these additions will give much more play to the conversations that take place on the social networking platform, opening up new possibilities for conversation, and therefore, further encouraging participation within Twitter.

But they are not the only novelties found in the last few hours, since as stated on your Twitter account, the platform is also working on a feature where will disclose on each user’s profile page the level of frequency with which they participate, and also about the Notes functionpreviously known as Twitter Articles.

It is now a matter of waiting for all these functions to materialize over time to find out more exactly how they work and what they will add to the experience that Twitter users already receive.

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