5 years ago the sale of Opel

Europe is one of the largest automotive markets in the world and is becoming particularly interesting due to the growing demand for electric cars, after all the European Union would mean stop to new traditional cars starting from 2035. Well GM sniffed the deal and would like to return to the game in the old continent.

Unfortunately, GM left Europe several years ago, barring some extremely limited offers in some markets with Corvettes and Cadillacs, but now it is ready to return in style to take part in the big electric car pie. To say it was the GM CEO Mary Barraan idea that fits perfectly with the company’s plans to become 100% electric by 2035. The brand would no longer have to argue with Europe’s stringent emissions laws, it would have free rein with the electric ones and the Barra wants to take advantage of this, as explained to the Detroit Free Press during an interview.

“Five years ago we sold our Opel brand to what is now Stellantis, and we have no remorse from the heat engine company. But now we are going electric and looking at the growth opportunities we could have in Europe as a 100% player. zero emissions. It will be fantastic to be back in the game, I can’t wait. “ Mary Barra said. GM has been in Europe for nearly 90 years until it sold Opel and Vauxhall for $ 2.2 billion in 2017. The sale allowed GM to focus on North America and China, and to develop the new electric vehicles (the fruit of all the work is the new Cadillac Lyriq 2023 sold out in 19 minutes).

For GM, it was a decent deal, as Opel and Vauxhall have been losing money for 16 years straight. “At the time it was a difficult choice for us, but we unanimously decided that it would be the best solution”. Now with the opportunities of electric mobility the brand could actually make a comeback in a big way, even if the manufacturer no longer has physical plants in the old continent. It won’t be easy but La Barra seems quite convinced, even if she didn’t want to say too much about a possible debut date and which electric models would arrive in Europe. We just have to wait confidently.

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