Android Auto’s Coolwalk interface is coming this summer with split screen and contextual suggestions

Google continues to take advantage su evento I / O to show news. If yesterday they surprised us with the immersive view that Google Maps will launch soon, now they have officially presented the long-awaited new Coolwalk interface Android Auto.

Thus, after months of waiting and endless leaks that left us with long teeththis interface will come at last to all Android devices this summer. And with her, they come very significant changes for this connectivity platform.

Fit on any screen

Coolwalk begins by completely transforming the Android Auto main menu, which will now have a ‘split screen’ mode capable of adapting to any screen format, regardless of its size or its horizontal or vertical orientation.

This split screen proposes a scheme of ‘cards’ that, to the use of the one already possessed by its rival Apple CarPlay For a long time, they offer direct access to the main functions or even allow you to use them without having to access their specific menus.

This scheme will change make room for functions that we are executing, although some like navigation or music playback will always be visible on the screen. Likewise, the messages we receive while we are driving will be available to read or listen to.

Another novelty that also has a lot to do with Android Auto is the capacity that it opens Google Assistant for offer contextual suggestions. Thus, based on the function that we are using, it will suggest predefined messages or responses, play music that we might like or the possibility of sharing the arrival time with a contact. All this, handled through the voice.

News also for Android Automotive

Android Automotive

Android Automotivethe operating system for cars that Google develops in parallel to Android Auto, also receives new features. One of its strong points is in its compatible applications, whose list already includes some powerful ones like YouTube.

Now that list of apps multimedia expands thanks to the arrival of Tubi and Epix Now, two services of streaming audiovisual content similar to the well-known Netflix, Prime Video or HBO Max. Of course, in order to enjoy said content, it will be essential that the vehicle is parked with the engine stopped or, if it is electrified, recharging its battery.

The latter is just an appetizer of what Google has prepared for this system, which is already present in some cars that can be purchased in Spain such as the polestar 2. Among the next things announced by the technology giant is, for example, the ability to stream content directly from the smartphone to the vehicle screen.

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