Apple is already testing iPhones with USB-C, according to a report

That Apple Inc is in the spotlight with the legislative proposal of the European Union, approved last April, to establish a universal charger based on the USB-C connector is no surprise.

And in fact, Apple has already introduced the USB-C connector to devices such as in most of the latest iPad models, as well as being present in Mac computers, and in wireless chargers for iPhone and Apple Watch, although still there are some products with Lightning, such as the iPhone.

In this regard, Apple plans to continue using it for a while longer, so in the short term we will not see new iPhone models that carry a USB-C connector instead.

So what is going to happen? We find the answer in a new blommberg report that, in phase with nearby sources, has been able to know that Apple is already testing iPhone models with the USB-C connector.

Adapting to the new legislation

But yes, We will not see iPhone with USB-C in the remainder of this year, nor at the beginning of the next, so at the earliest it could be available for the second half of next year.

But Apple is also worrying about those who use current Lightning-based accessories, so It would also be working on the development of adapters that allow the current accessories to continue to be used in future iPhone models that are already beginning to arrive with USB-C.

Of course, Apple would begin to lose the control it had in the iPhone accessories market, so it will no longer be able to be so demanding with third-party manufacturers, and users could even use USB-C chargers for Android mobiles instead. .

In this regard, It is not known if Apple would offer the charger in a box or force them to be purchased separatelyalthough this is no longer new in the Android mobile segment, where some brands already opt for users to buy, if applicable, the purchase of the charger separately.

It is also not known if Apple would launch iPhone models with USB-C in Europe and with a Lightning port in the rest of the markets, although this scenario could create confusion and problems in the supply chain.

What is true is that the USB-C connector is capable of providing faster charging speeds and faster data transfersdespite the fact that it is a larger connector, it could be a compelling reason to bring iPhones with USB-C to the market, together with the european legislation in this way, at least within the European Union.

Regarding an iPhone without a connector, at the moment wireless charging technology is impractical, being slower and incompatible with data synchronization, so it could not work linked to some cars.

Therefore, the scenario of the iPhone with USB-C is already taking shape in the absence of the company beginning to make its plans official.

More information: Bloomberg

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