Earthquake warning systems have been on Android longer than we think

Despite the fact that Google leads the development of the Android operating system, the truth is that there are features that initially came to Android devices thanks to the initiatives of the different manufacturer brands.

We have proof of this with the association of three mobile brands to create a system that makes it easier to share files between devices directly in the absence of a system similar to Apple’s AirDrop, until Google got its act together with the development and launch of what is now Nearby Share.

Well, now we find another similar case where the brands were pioneers in functions that Google now wants to develop for all users of the Android ecosystem. In this regard, the publication MyDrivers Keep in mind that earthquake alert features are not new to the Android ecosystem.

Mobile phones as a detection and alert mechanism

And it is that among the novelties of Android 13, as Google has been revealing in its recent Google I / O 2022 event, an application specialized in earthquake alerts is included. Behind this application there is a detection dynamic divided into two parts, where in the first part, mobiles that detect an earthquake through their accelerometer will send signals to Google’s earthquake detection service.

Google will collect the signals obtained from different mobiles to process the data and determine if the earthquake has occurred, the level of its magnitude and the specific place, finally proceeding to send an alert through the application to users who may be affected.

Well, the aforementioned publication indicates that brands such as XiaomiHuawei and others have already had earthquake early warning services for a long time, where in the case of Xiaomi, it is called SOS System and is included in MIUI, Xiaomi’s customization layer, and therefore, also available in Redmi mobiles and few.

Xiaomi’s system takes advantage of the principle of radio waves, which are capable of traveling faster than seismic waves, allowing it to be able to send alerts from seconds to tens of seconds to users who are in the areas that are going to be affected, which will allow measures to be taken to reduce the possible victims that may occur.

With this in mind, we already know that earthquake early warning systems have been with us much longer than we think, although now Google will bring its system to all Android users, at least in its version 13 in principle, although later it is It may expand compatibility with earlier versions of the operating system, as has been the case with many other features.

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