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Enchen has released a portable facial sauna

The facial sauna does not contain any witchcraft, it simply has the effect of leaning over a long leg full of steaming water. So perfectly environmentally friendly and natural cosmetic method, as we practically spray water vapor on our face. Expressively recommended for oily facesdries dry skin in many cases, which is unfortunate. On the other hand, it cleanses oily skin because it brings up dirt from the depths of the pores and increases the skin’s capacity to absorb it., so if you apply the creams after steaming, they can be better absorbed. Because of the steam the dead epithelial cells soften and we can easily remove them.

There are several facial saunas on the market, but if you don’t want to buy a big machine for this, the Enchen EW1001 miniature will do. This is a small device easy to transport and fits in a small space. We need to fill the cap on top with clean water, which is then sprayed onto our face. It goes with a piece of AA size batteries, giving an operating time of 2-4 hours. It’s a pretty wide time interval, but since we don’t use it every day and not for too long, it goes pretty much with one battery.

The widget it can be great not only for women, as men also need to devote some time to facial care, for example, when you think of shaving. Those who have very sensitive skin and are not comfortable shaving are they can shave much better after a steamingbecause the skin softens, so the operation will be less or not painful at all.

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