Forget Google Drive, ultra-secure pCloud storage is 75% off

pCloud is the perfect online storage to back up your files securely in a European data center. Discover its offer of the day.

The use of online file hosting services has grown steadily in recent years. It must be said that we need more and more space to store ever more numerous and voluminous files: images, videos, music, films… And among the most reliable players on the market, we find pCloud.

This European provider gives you a good opportunity to test its services. On the occasion of Family Day, it is launching an XXL offer including 2 TB of LIFETIME storage for only 350€ (instead of 1400€) to be shared between 5 users. In 2022, there is no better in terms of value for money.

I take advantage of the pCloud Family offer

pCloud, the secure cloud option based in Europe

And pCloud collects very good reviews on ratings sites, this is no coincidence. Since the creation of the service in 2013, the teams have made it their mission to offer a cloud service that is both simple to use and complete. According to its 14 million users, we can say that it is successful.

pCloud indeed comes with a range of very useful features, in particular for exchanging your files with your colleagues or sharing the photos of your vacation with your loved ones thanks to download links and sharing folders. Additionally, users do not need to be a pCloud member to access these folders.

As we said, the pCloud interface is very clean. This makes the tool easy to use, whether on PC, mobile or directly from the web space. The desktop application (available on macOS, Windows and Linux) has the particularity of functioning as a virtual drive. This simplifies the access and synchronization of your files. In addition, be aware that all your data can be synchronized automatically by activating this option.

pCloud is also foolproof security. During and after file transfers, the files are protected by the TLS/SSL protocol. The data is encrypted and impossible to read for anyone (even pCloud). And in order to prevent possible losses, your files are stored in at least three servers in different locations. On the user side, you have 30 days to restore deleted files.

Finally, you should know that pCloud offers very good performance in terms of downloading, uploading files and browsing the platform. This is all the more true since it has servers based in Europe.

One payment and lifetime storage for the whole family

If you are won over by the pCloud online storage service, there is a good chance that you will be interested in its Family plan at -75% which starts today. The advantage of this offer is that it includes 2 TB for life (99 years to be precise) to share as you wish between you and 4 other users.

The price for this type of plan is normally set at 1400€, but thanks to its discount the cost drops considerably and goes to 350€, which is more than 1000€ in savings. If this sum seems high to you, remember that you have nothing more to pay afterwards. The subscription is valid for life for 5 members.

Suffice to say that after a few years, this purchase will be profitable since it generally takes around a hundred euros per year for 2 TB from competitors in the sector.

For the most hesitant, know that the subscription is guaranteed within 10 days. This ensures you get your money back if you are not satisfied or change your mind. Customer support, which can be reached by email, is responsive and very efficient.

I take advantage of the pCloud Family offer

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