Google has new dynamics to synchronize physical activity data between different apps

There are many apps that allow us to record our physical activity or automatically track it through our devices. But not all record the same types of data or monitor different aspects of our health.

Google wants to facilitate this dynamic by centralizing all the physical activity data recorded by the different fitness apps in one place.

New Google app for health and physical activity

Health Connect is a new health and activity app that Google has launched, but with a different goal than most fitness apps:

Health Connect stores health and fitness data from your apps in one place, offline and on your device, so you can easily manage data from your different apps.

In other words, the fitness apps will share the data they record with Health Connect. Once stored in this Google app, we can share that information with other apps.

Of course, it will have a series of functions and privacy controls so that we give permission to read the data only to the apps that we want. And on the other hand, we will always have a history available to see all the apps that have accessed this information, and what type of data it has access to.

This tool proposed by Google will allow you to store and manage a variety of health and physical activity data. For example, nutritional information, different training and physical activities, recording of sleep habits, monitoring of the menstrual cycle, vital signs, among other data.

Of course, Fitbit and Google Fit will be compatible with this dynamic proposed by Health Connect, and more proposals will be added over time. For example, we can count on Samsung Health, MyFitnessPal, Leap Fitness and Withings.

At the moment, the Health Connect app is available on Google Play as early access. So if you decide to install it and see how it works, you should keep in mind that the app is under development, so it may be unstable and have errors.

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