Google Keep will add more options to edit and manage notes

Google Keep could add a feature that would take it away from its dynamic notes app to look a bit like a note editor.

Although it already has all the necessary functions for us to write down and manage our notes, it could receive a plus in a future update.

Google Keep has a fair combination of functions that allow us to create and manage notes. You can simply write a quick note to jot down ideas you don’t want to forget, or you can use all the features provided by the app to create a basic system for managing notes.

For example, you can assign colors to the notes or put a background, add a label or add a reminder. And an interesting detail is that Keep also allows us to add images to the notes.

And of course, you can invite a collaborator for your notes. That way, for example, you can have notes that you share with your friends, partner, etc. So Google Keep gives you the freedom to make a space for your notes as organized or simple as you want.

And soon, a new dynamic may be added. As mentioned in 9to5Google, Keep could add the ability to format the text. Yes, you will be able to add italic, strikethrough, underline, or bold text.

So if you use Keep to save more elaborate text than just notes, you can use this new feature to shape your text. Whether you want to develop an idea that occurred to you on the way to work, take a quick note, or copy and paste text that you want to review later.

At the moment, the Google team has not mentioned this possible update, nor will you find it in any of the versions of Keep. So we will have to wait to see if the Google notes app finally adds this option in the near future.

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