Lotus wants to get into the garden of Porsche and Ferrari with the Emira GT4 racing

After months of waiting, finally the new Lotus Emira GT4 is here. This competition variant of the already spectacular Lotus Emira has a hypnotic beauty and is the first racing car presented by Hethel for more than a decade.

It has been developed by specialists from the Lotus Advanced Performance division in collaboration with the British RML Group and will be responsible for replacing the veteran Lotus Evora GT4. He is ready to debut on the track imminently next season.

The precio of this variant of competition is 165,000 pounds, not including taxes or delivery costs (about 152,700 euros at the current exchange rate). Although all the units allocated for this year’s production already have owners, Lotus plans to expand manufacturing for 2023.

GT races as a prelude to a possible return to Le Mans or F1

The headquarters of the British company has had a very busy week with the debut of its new creature conceived especially for the circuits: the spectacular Emira GT4what arrives with the mission of overcoming Evora’s list of winnersanother competition beast that achieved remarkable results in the GT championships of Europe and part of the rest of the world more than a decade ago.

Under the umbrella of the Chinese Geely group and the Malaysian conglomerate Etika Automotive since 2017, Lotus is undergoing a major makeover that look to an all-electric future for their road cars, like the vast majority of other manufacturers.

Lotus Emira GT4 2022

The Evija hypercar, launched in 2019, represented a powerful prelude to what the brand has in store for us and already in May of this year, the all-electric Eletre “hyper-SUV” surprised for being the first Lotus vehicle of its characteristics.

Meanwhile, the summer of 2021 the new Emira made its first appearance, heralded as the last all-new petrol Lotus – something that anyone passionate about Colin Chapman’s creations from the distant past will never forget. Barely a couple of months later, within the framework of the Festival de Goodwoodthe preview of the competition version arrived.

Lotus Emira Gt4 5

With the Emira GT4 Lotus open one new era of the brand in the world of competition. And that, after so many false starts and broken promises for an automaker terribly underserved by its previous custodians, is very welcome news.

The manufacturers involved in the world of competition are already placing their bets on the electric revolution, as they also do with their street cars. And although Lotus is one of them, its future plans will not necessarily be limited to 100% electric vehicles.

The new director of the Lotus Advanced Performance department, Simon Lane, is the one who will lead the brand’s return to competition, and on the GT4 he has declared that it is part of his exciting plans, although “there is much more to come”.

Lotus Emira GT4 2022

In this regard, as stated In an interview the director of the brand’s competition program, Richard Selwin, Lotus wants to return to Le Mans “and does not rule out Formula 1”, although he still sees both possibilities as distant.

Selwin, who was a key player in the Formula 3000 and GP2 paddocks in recent decades, has dropped that some exciting years await the brand on the tracks: “We always come to Formula 1 quite quickly in conversations, but I think that we are still a long way from that,” he admits.

“At the moment we will fulfill the desire to go to the GT races: we are going to show that we can race in GT4, and later we can see what else we can do. Everything is possible”.

The ingredients of the Lotus Emira GT4

In terms of aesthetics, this GT4 cannot deny that it is quite an Emira, although they have added essential aerodynamic elements for its mission on the circuits that differentiate it at a glance from the standard version: redesigned hood, an enlarged front splitter, modified side air intakes and a significant rear spoiler.

The Lotus Emira GT4 maintains a scheme already established by the Evora and is powered by the already known 3.5-litre V6 2GR-FE petrol engine with 406 hp of Toyota origin with dry sump and Harrop supercharging, which is associated with an Xtrac six-speed sequential gearbox.

empty, mark 1.300 kg on the scale and has a 96 liter capacity tank. In order to have been able to lighten the weight compared to the street model, among other things, it has an aluminum chassis with composite panels.

Lotus Emira GT4 2022

In addition, religiously complying with the FIA ​​requirements for its category, it has a tubular safety structure, a roll cage, independent ultra-light sports seats with six-point harness seat belts, and a Motec instrument panel with data logging. and a fire extinguisher.

On a technical level, this predator of the circuits has front and rear double wishbone suspension, adjustable Öhlins shock absorbersstabilizer bars on the front and rear axle, or an ABS anti-lock system with different settings that complements a powerful Bosch racing brake system, among others.

Las 18-inch forged aluminum wheels wrapped in Pirelli GT4 tires (265/645×18 at the front and 305/680×18 at the rear) complete the beautiful set.

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