No, Twitter will not delete your account if you copy and paste information from time to time

Twitter’s new policy is generating a lot of controversy, since there are many people incorrectly interpreting some paragraphs to generate chaos on social networks.

If you are a Twitter user, you have probably already received the details of the new policy, which clearly states that it will reduce the visibility of content that is considered duplicate.

That’s actually something Twitter already said in 2020, but no details have surfaced so far on how the theme would apply, or what is considered duplicate content. In 2020 it was said that they would censor duplicate tweets, but little else.

On their Help page we now have more information (not much more). In it, they indicate that duplicate content is understood to be that which is identical or almost identical to another publication, whether made by an individual account or by several accounts. Twitter will identify the original tweet by the date of publication, and will reduce the visibility of all subsequent tweets of the same nature.

It’s important to note that this does not include RTs or times we share a Tweet by adding a comment. It only includes the traditional copy paste and the scripts that are responsible for cloning other accounts or previously published threads.

The punishment for these tweets is not being eligible to appear in top search results or trends, and twitter not recommending the copy in the timelines of people who don’t follow us. In case of abuse, it could exclude all clone posts, and if the topic gets out of hand, because there are scripts doing the copies, accounts can be deleted.

What it makes clear is that duplicating a tweet is not a reason for Twitter to delete it, much less for it to delete the account, since for this a very strict review must be carried out to guarantee that mosquitoes are not being killed with cannon fire.

In short, if you have a Twitter account that duplicates content using automatic scripts, it will surely end up being deleted, otherwise, no.

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