Official the LEGO Optimus Prime set that really transforms: release and price

How many of you grew up with the myth of Hasbro Transformers? There was a period in the life of many of us in which cars and trucks that were able to transform into robots (and vice versa) seemed the most beautiful thing in the world, a magic that in addition to toys and cartoons has also conquered the cinema. .

Now it’s time for one new collaboration between Hasbro and LEGO. The two companies have created a model of G1 Optimus Prime height 35 centimeters in its robot form, which in truck format grows to just 15cm tall – although it grows up to 10.5cm in length and up to 12cm in width. In total, the set consists of 1,508 pieces.

It is a model in its own historical way, it is in fact the first time that Hasbro and LEGO collaborate for a Transformers, a set with 19 points of articulation that allow you to switch from robot to truck shape (and vice versa) without having to rebuild everything. In short, we are facing a full-blown Transformers, which can change shape at any time. At the moment only the Optimus Prime model is expected, but we hope to see other characters too; The set also includes a Blaster, the Energon Ax and the Energon Cube. The set will be available starting next June 1st also in Europe at a list price of 169.99 euros. Click the link below for purchase the Optimus Prime set on the LEGO site.

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