Philips Hue Play Lightbar: Firmware update is being rolled out

It was actually supposed to be released in April, but it’s finally here with a few days’ delay: the firmware update for the Philips Hue Play Lightbar, which many users have been eagerly awaiting. With the new software, the annoying noises that sometimes occur should be a thing of the past.

This noise occurred with a not inconsiderable number of light bars, and an annoying beeping is particularly noticeable with bright white light settings. But is the noise really gone now?

Hueblog reader Julian provides the following feedback:

Good news! Update is available and installed with me. Checked to see if the beeping can still be heard. One Play Lightbar no longer beeps, the other only beeps very, very quietly and that at full brightness in the ‘Concentrate’ scene. The beeping is no longer audible during work or study, which was definitely very annoying before. Apparently they got a handle on it.

Firmware version 1.93.7 will be rolled out again for the Play Lightbar

Of course I’m looking forward to your feedback. What I find very interesting: According to Julian, the update to version 1.93.7, which was distributed at the end of April, was again available for his lightbars. Another reader has also confirmed the renewed update to me. The update may have been revised again, but has not received a new version number.

Have you already installed it and have you noticed an improvement? Just write your experiences in the comments!

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