Please note that some sites collect your personal data before your consent.

According to a new study, some unscrupulous sites do not bother with a validation button when you fill out a form.

If you have already filled out a form on the Internet before changing your mind, your data has probably been sucked by an unscrupulous site. In a recent study by researchers from three European universities that will be presented in August during the conference Usenix Securitywe learn that some platforms would be able to spy on the slightest letter typed on a keyboard.

By analyzing 2.8 million web pages from the 100,000 most visited sites in the world, the study’s findings are clear: in the case of a form sent from Europe, nearly 2000 of them would be able to recover the email address of the user before he clicked on the button “To send”. One of the co-authors Güne Acar reports: “We were very surprised by the results. We thought we might find a few hundred sites where your email address is collected before you send it, but the result far exceeded our expectations”.

However, Europe remains better off than the United States. While the old continent recorded “only” 1844 cases of abusive data aspiration, the same request, this time triggered from the United States would count 60% more cases, for a total of 2950 cases. A difference which can be explained in particular by the presence of the GDPR, which since 2018 requires platforms to request the consent of Internet users before collecting information.

How do sites store our data without consent?

Concretely, most sites that suck your data before validation transmit the email addresses (encrypted or not) to third-party sites, generally companies specializing in advertising, which will collect the data to create personalized ads. In some rarer cases, it can also be a Key logger which also allows you to directly record the keys entered.

In Europe, the subject is delicate, especially since many of the sites tested belong to the giants Meta and TikTok.

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