The Pentagon finally wants to bury the big taboo around UFOs

After 50 years of silence, officials of a special division of the heart of the American Defense will make an effort of transparency by presenting their conclusions on a vast report on UFOs published last June.

For decades, the public and researchers alike wondered whether or not there were aliens among us. Most of this reasoning is based on the observations of the famous Unidentified Flying Objects, true stars of kitsch science fiction from the beginning of the last century. Over time, the idea that these interstellar visitors could have visited us has come up against growing skepticism, for lack of being able to produce indisputable proof. But the US Congress apparently wants to change that mindset.

According to the New York Times, US senators will soon hold a formal open hearing on unidentified aerial vehicles – a first in more than half a century. And it’s not a bunch of neurotic cranks wearing tinfoil hats.

The administration indeed wishes to approach the question from an angle which could not be more serious. Among the speakers, we will find in particular two very senior American defense officials. In particular, they will deliver their analysis of a document published last June.

Senior Pentagon officials will speak at this hearing. © David B. Gleason – Wikimedia Commons

The Pentagon will present its findings

The document in question is an extensive report commissioned by Congress. He was trying to shed light on no less than 144 curious incidents that had occurred since 2004; all remain unexplained to this day, with one exception.

This report had the merit of confirming two important points. First, they determined that the majority of these phenomena did indeed represent “physical objects.” Secondly, they also claimed that none of them was closely or remotely linked to a secret technology tested by the American army.

On the other hand, the authors of the report still refused to make any clear-cut conclusions. They explained in particular that the documentation attached to these observations was very inconclusive. “We lack data to determine if these objects belong to a foreign program or if they are indicative of a major technological advancement of a potential adversary”, explained the report.

It is in an attempt to shed light on these questions that Congress has organized this supplementary hearing. Some of the main speakers will come from a specialized Pentagon task force; it closely follows all issues at the intersection of aviation safety and national security. Their conclusions therefore promise to be quite interesting.

The silence of the authorities has given rise to a whole host of hypotheses, some of which are particularly eccentric which are sometimes symbolized by this famous aluminum foil hat. © Tom Radetzki – Unsplash

Ending an old taboo

With this open hearing, the US government hopes to lift what it sees as a counterproductive taboo. Indeed, in addition to the strict skepticism, most UFO testimonies today are greeted with a certain disdain. Many potentially interesting clues could thus fall by the wayside without receiving the attention they deserve; a situation that could deprive researchers of interesting discoveries.

Since this is an area of ​​strong public interest, any unwelcome secrecy would be an obstacle to solving the mystery. It could also prevent us from finding solutions to potential vulnerabilities.”, explains André Carson, the senator from Indiana who is also responsible for a committee dedicated to counter-terrorism and counter-intelligence.

The purpose of this hearing is to examine the steps the Pentagon can take to reduce the stigma faced by military pilots, or even civilian airmen, when they report such events.”, he specifies.

© Albert Antony – Unsplash

An effort of transparency after a long silence

And to achieve this, the government sees only one solution. He now considers that he must embrace his role in “the contextualization and analysis of these reports”, according to Adam B. Schiff, head of the House Intelligence Committee.

After the publication of the report last June, this hearing confirms a major change of course on the part of Uncle Sam. Because traditionally, the American government has always been very cautious when it comes to communicating the slightest information on this subject.

Indeed, the last national congress on this subject was held in 1969. That is more than 50 years ago. At the time, the participants concluded thatnone of these UFOs exhibited unknown technology. They also determined that there was not the shadow of a proof to affirm that they were extraterrestrials. But since then, the administration has practically walled itself in silence and almost never addresses the subject in detail.

A silence that fed the imagination of enthusiasts, but also maintained a “vicious circle of excessive secrecy and speculation”. In some cases, it even consolidated real psychoses. One can for example quote the mystery which surrounds the famous Zone 51; this secret-defense base which some consider to be a center for the study of extraterrestrials is now well integrated into the folklore of science fiction.

It will be interesting to see if this hearing succeeds in restoring healthy communication between the government and the public on the issue of UFOs. We therefore give you an appointment on Tuesday, May 17 to find out the conclusions of the Pentagon specialists.

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