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The Proscenic P11 vacuum cleaner is finally available in Banggood

The proscenic P11 vacuum cleaner is an absolutely modern machine that is quite powerful and brings what you would expect from a mid-range machine. Its suction power can be adjusted in several steps, but it can hold a minimum of 8500 Pa, and a maximum of 25,000. This value is damn high, cleaning the carpets with very high efficiency in the strongest grade. It also has a motorized roller brush and detects when we go on a mat with it and then automatically increases the suction power.

It has a battery pack with a capacity of 2200 mAh up to 50-55 minutes of cleaning comes togetherand can be recharged in 2.5 hours. The battery can be removedand can be charged separately and can also be powered from the wall dock. With its four-stage filter system can efficiently purify the intake air by 99.99%.

The Proscenic P11 has quite a few accessories to add motorized head, motorized upholstery cleaner, brushed pipe end and a reducer is. It should be mentioned that it also has a washbasinwhich must be clicked behind the cylinder head so that it can be erased with it. There is also a release called the P11 Combo, which is more expensive but also has a double swivel head mop functionwhich no longer corresponds to just a smooth wipe, but a complete mop.

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