This is how Qualcomm fully enters the robotics sector

Among the novelties that Qualcomm has presented from May 9 to 11, within the framework of the celebration of its 5G Summit, is its new robotic platform RB6, which will exponentially open the development of autonomous robotic equipment and business drones of more personalized to the needs of different industrial and government customers.

It is basically a development kit that offers everything needed to build autonomous robotic devices that work thanks to 5G connectivity and Artificial Intelligence capabilities.

Opening the range of custom developments

In this way, Qualcomm enters the segment of the robotics through the launch of its new platform, focusing on 5G connectivity as a starting point that will make it possible to delegate processing capabilities to cloud-based solutions.

It must be taken into account that the data processing systems integrated into the autonomous devices themselves are very expensive, and problems with connectivity to take the processing to the cloud have prevented further progress in this regard.

But in addition to 5G connectivity, its new platform also offers video processing and artificial intelligence capabilities using the Artificial Intelligence engine developed by the company, which allows it to carry out 70-200 billion operations per second (TOPS).

Dev Singh, senior director of business development and director of autonomous robotics, drones and intelligent machines at Qualcomm Technologies, Inc., notes that:

Building on the successful growth and traction of Qualcomm Technologies’ leading robotics solutions, our expanded solutions roadmap will help bring enhanced AI and 5G technologies to support smarter, safer and more advanced innovations in robotics, drones and smart machines.

But Qualcomm isn’t stopping there, as it has also unveiled RB5, a benchmark autonomous robot design that is basically a small robot with integrated wheels for package delivery and material handling.

More Info/Image Credit: Qualcomm

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