today we pay to refuel 30 euros more than a year ago, even with the discount

Three new consecutive weeks of rising fuel prices are signed. According to the latest European bulletin the Gasoline looks at 1.88 euros per liter and the sharpl is again more expensive than this one, 1.91 euros per litersomething that had not happened for more than 10 years.

But also, this week the average price of diesel in our country has exceeded the European average.

The rise in recent weeks has as one of the protagonists the fear of a possible shortage of crude oil from the hand of the European Commission’s proposal to veto Russian oil.

It is still under debate, but the brent barrel is currently at $108.4almost one point above compared to yesterday’s session.

Diesel is already 3 cents more expensive than gasoline

Fuel station

The diesel price continues from record to record and has been again higher than gasolinebeing already the difference of almost 3 cents. And not only that: this week has also exceeded, albeit just, the european averagewhich is fixed at 1.90 euros per liter.

However, it is still below the euro zone, where it stands at 1.95 euros per litre. Compared to last week (1.87 euros per liter), diesel is 2.03% more expensive and since the Russian invasion of Ukraine began increased almost 30%.

For its part, the Gasoline it also picks up this week: it has gone from 1.84 euros per liter to the current 1,88 euros on average The rise has been 2.23%, while since the conflict began it has meant a 18% increase.

Barrels of oil

Although in his case, it is still below the European and euro zone average, since the average is set at 1.90 and 1.97 euros per liter respectively.

It must be taken into account that Spain downgrades traditional fuels compared to other European countries, so it is usually below the EU average.

The conflict between Russia and Ukraine is having a particular impact on the price of diesel, since most of the diesel imported on the continent came from Russia. Thus, its increasingly high price not only depends on the Brent barrel, but also on a shortage that supply is not capable of covering.

A year ago refueling a diesel car cost 55 euros and now, 85 euros

Repsol gas station

Fill up the deposit today in Spain, and if we did not take into account the bonus of 0.20 euros that gas stations must apply, we would be paying 95,5 euros for filling a diesel tank of 50 liters and 76.4 euros if it is 40 litres.

While if it’s from Gasolinewe would pay a little less: 94 euros for a 50-liter bottle and 75.2 euros for a 40-liter bottle.

If we leave just a year agofilling a diesel tank was 54.9 euros (50 liters) or 47.9 euros (40 liters) and doing the same with a gasoline tank was 67 euros (50 liters) and 53.6 euros (40 liters).

That is to say that now we would be paying up to 40 euros more to fill the tank in a diesel car and 27 euros more if it is gasoline.

Y even if the discount of 0.20 cents is applied The gap is still notable, since on average it is set at 84 euros for gasoline and 85.5 euros for diesel: 17 euros and 30 euros more respectively.

Although it must be taken into account that there are gas stations that offer a greater discount, up to 0.30 cents, if they are members of loyalty programs.

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