YouTube allows to use other videos as background for Shorts

YouTube is adding the famous “Green Screen” feature so users can use up to 60 seconds of a video as a background for their Shorts.

Yes, you can use the videos of other users to give your YouTube Shorts a plus, but there are some details to keep in mind.

Green Screen Comes to YouTube Shorts

YouTube wants users who bet on creating content for the Shorts to have more tools. We’ve already seen some updates that allow creators to add their creativity without relying on external tools. And now the “Green Screen” function is added:

With Green Screen, you can use any eligible YouTube video or short as a background for your original short video. You can create using audio + video or video only if you choose to mute the audio. As a reminder, you can also use Green Screen with any photo or video from your own gallery.

So this feature gives you the ability to use both video and audio from another video for our Shorts. Of course, a link to the original video will be included so that the creator receives the corresponding credit. One detail to keep in mind is that this option will be available in the videos, as long as the creator has enabled it from YouTube Studio.

At the moment, this new dynamic is only available for iOS users, but it will be extended to Android in the near future. And this is not the only feature that YouTube has launched in recent months.

Remember that you are also testing the reactions on videos. Unlike the “I like” or “I don’t like”, this new dynamic that YouTube proposes will allow you to react to a specific moment of the video.

And for this, YouTube will enable a bar with a series of emojis. So you can point out that a certain part of the video seems funny to you, a good idea, you disagree, etc.

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