Amazon Alexa Skill “Sofabaton” – no alternative to Logitech Harmony

A while ago I had here about that Sofabaton X1 universal remote control reported. This is similar to the Logitech Harmony remote control, with which you can operate several devices with one action. Now the then advertised language support for Amazon Alexa implemented as a skill for the sofabaton, but unfortunately only very rudimentarily.

Amazon Alexa Skill Sofabaton

The Sofabaton Alexa Skill can be found in the Amazon Skill Store and currently has a rating of just under 2 out of 5 stars. This is probably because users would have liked a more extensive Alexa integration. The rating actually only comes from a single user who was presumably able to get hold of a device on Kickstarter at the time. Because the universal remote control Sofabaton X1, which is supposed to be available from Amazon since March 2022, is not currently on sale.

The Sofabaton Alexa Skill must be activated and linked to the same account that is used to operate the Sofabaton app on the smartphone. The only command in the app description is “Alexa, turn the TV on/off.” This is of course very rudimentary and no alternative to the Logitech Harmony Skill. The developer definitely needs to make improvements here so that the range of functions can also properly exploit the strengths of the universal remote control.

Do you already own a Sofabaton X1 and are you looking forward to the Alexa Skill? Write it in the comments how you imagine the further development. Some wishes of the community have already been implemented by the provider.

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