How Google virtual cards will work for online purchases

The latest edition of Google I/O brought a lot of news. However, it wasn’t all about releases, as there was also a preview of some features that we will see in the future.

For example, the Google team mentioned a new way to shop online without exposing your card details to third-party sites. We tell you what it is.

How virtual cards will work from Chrome

Google wants the online shopping process to be more secure, and that users do not have to expose data such as the number of the credit or debit card when they make a transaction. And for this, it is implementing a new system in Chrome.

We are launching virtual cards in Chrome and Android. When you use autofill to enter your payment details at checkout, virtual cards will add an extra layer of security by replacing your real card number with a different virtual number.

This will reduce any chance of the platform or provider misusing the data we record from our real card, as we won’t have to enter that information.

Depending on the system that Google wants to implement, each virtual card can be used for a specific transaction. There will of course be exceptions, for example if you want to use the card to pay for a subscription. However, the user will not have to worry about managing multiple virtual cards, since the idea of ​​this dynamic proposed by Google.

As can be seen in the image, the automatically generated virtual cards will appear as a suggestion along with the data of the real card that we load in Google Pay, when we are about to carry out a transaction.

Google will not charge anything to apply this virtual card system and this dynamic will work on all platforms where credit cards are accepted. For now, this new system will be implemented in the United States with support for Visa, American Express, Capital One and Mastercard cards.

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