How to read WhatsApp messages through Google Assistant without the other person noticing

Did you know that there are several ways to be able to read WhatsApp messages without having to enter the chat in question? Yes, the reality is that There are different methods to achieve this goal.some better known than others.

Perhaps one of the least known procedures, is the one that is done through Google Asisstant, this being quite possibly one of the simplest and most comfortable to perform. That said, keep reading this article to learn how to do it.

If you are someone who does not use Google Assistant frequently, it is normal that you do not know many of those possibilities that the assistant offers you, which are not few.

Within these options, there is a fairly basic one that can help you, as we previously mentioned, to be able to read WhatsApp messages without the other person noticing.

To listen to your new WhatsApp messages using Google Assistant

For this basically all you have to do is ask Google. All you have to do is say it out loud Ok Google, read my WhatsApp messages and that’s it, after this the assistant will display a small window where those messages that you have pending and that you have not read so far will be read to you.

Here it is important to note that Google Assistant will only be able to read you those messages that are new and that you haven’t opened yet. This means that if you try to see previous messages that you have already seen or even replied to, you will not be able to do it this way and you will have to enter the chat of the person in question to see previous messages.

Once the assistant has read you the pending messages, you will be asked even if you want to answeraction to which you must speak out loud so that your answer can be heard and can be transcribed in case you have said yes.

Finally, keep in mind that the first time you perform this action, Assistant will ask you for authorization to access your notifications. and that in this way I can read them to you. To this you only have to press the button that indicates To acceptlocated inside the pop-up that will be shown to you once you ask the assistant to read your messages.

And that’s it, this would be all the relevant and necessary material you need to know when it comes to being able to read pending WhatsApp messages through Google Asisstant.

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