Twitter is testing a new option for replies

Twitter is testing a new tag that highlights when a user “Like” replies to your tweet.

A dynamic similar to that found in the comments of TikTok, and that may be integrated into Twitter in the near future. We tell you what it is.

A few days ago, we saw all the news that Twitter is preparing for Android. For example, adding the possibility of publishing images and videos in the same tweet or a prize function.

But not the only thing that the Twitter team has in mind to enhance the Android app. As mentioned in TCis testing a new dynamic that you will find in the answers.

This is not a new feature but rather a small change to the likes that the tweeter puts on replies left by other users. So far, anyone who likes a tweet goes unnoticed unless we manually search for it.

In the test there is a small change that mimics the dynamic that TikTok uses: highlighting the author’s “likes”. That is, if you give a “Like” in the answer, it will be visible to everyone, since we will see a label indicating that it belongs to the author.

Yes, just like the “Creator Likes” tag we found in TikTok comments. A Twitter spokesperson confirmed that they are testing different types of tags so users have more context when viewing tweets.

At the moment, this is only a test that seems to be available to a group of users. Some users may find it attractive to highlight that the author of the tweet has “liked” their response, more so if it is a celebrity.

And on the other hand, it will seem to others as an unnecessary update that does not contribute to the dynamics of the platform. We will have to wait to see if this test prospers and passes to the stable version of the Twitter app.

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