What is the Walkie Talkie function of your Apple Watch and how to use it

Apple Watches are known for having a wide range of premium toolsamong which, without a doubt, one that goes by the name of Walkie-Talkie stands out.

In case you did not know him, it is an interesting application that facilitates being able to communicate in real time over the internet with another user that has an Apple Watch, action by which it is known by the name of Walkie-Talkie.

Although this is a function that, due to the other options to communicate on an Apple Watch, could be taken as a kind of game, so to speak, the thing goes much further than that and this can be considered a great alternative in terms of the direct communication section with your friends and close contacts.

Getting into the thick of things, the Walkie-Talkie tool for Apple Watch devices allows users to instantly send voice messages to each other, which means that while you’re talking with the function turned on, the other person will listen to you in real timeaction that turns out to be quite interesting and useful.

Although it is not a difficult task, the application must be configured on your smartwatch before you can use it correctly. First of all, keep in mind that you must have a Apple Watch Series 1 with at least watchOS 5.3 to be able to count on this function without problems. Now without much more to add, let’s go with the steps to follow.

So you can use the Walkie-Talkie app and manage your contacts on your Apple Watch

– Open the app Walkie-Talkie in you Apple Watch.
– Depending on how it is shown to you, click on the Add friends o add friends +.
– Choose a contact and wait for that person to accept your invitation.

As long as the person has not accepted your invitation, their contact card will be grayed out. Once accepted, the color will change to yellow and this will mean that you can start to talk to the user. For this you just have to do the following:

– Enter the app Walkie-Talkie from your Apple Watch.
– Click on the name of the person.
– Press the yellow button that indicates To talk o Long press to talk until the message appears connecting.
– Wait for it to connect successfully and now you can press and hold the yellow button to talk.

And that’s it, this would be all to start enjoying this great communication tool. Of course, keep in mind that the other person will listen to you after you release the yellow button.

Since the messages autoplay whenever you’re available, there may be times when you are not and do not want to receive messages from other people. In this case, all you have to do is enter the app again and deactivate the upper lever of Walkie-Talkie.

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