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Undisputed leader of VPNs on the French market, NordVPN wants to go beyond this service. It is a cybersecurity player with a 360° vision. In addition to an attractive price for the weekend, it includes its antivirus as a bonus.

NordSecurity is the European company (based in Lithuania) that publishes NordVPN. The latter is the great reference on the VPN market. This type of tool, which is used by 28% of French people when they connect to the internet, is enjoying unprecedented success.

From one VPN vendor to another, the quality varies. NordVPN is on the high end of the basket with a simple, fast and ultra-secure service. However, the company has decided to evolve to establish itself as a real player in cybersecurity. At the moment, if you subscribe to its VPN (which is €2.89 instead of €10.49), you get its new antivirus as a bonus.

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Obviously, NordVPN relies above all on its flagship product, the VPN, to attract its audience. In terms of user experience and privacy, it’s the best out there. That said, it’s now also branching out into broader cybersecurity, with added antivirus features. It should also release a single antivirus in the coming months.

Why choose NordVPN’s VPN?

Before choosing NordVPN or another vendor, you must first understand why you need a VPN. In this case, this software allows you to do different things: make you anonymous when you browse the Internet, fully encrypt your connection (on public or shared Wi-Fi networks), allow you to bypass censorship or geographical blocks, etc.

There are a multitude of VPN functions that make it popular with the general public. This software, which is also available as a mobile application, will run in the background of your device without disturbing you (or slowing down your connection). It will just allow you to have another IP and an encrypted connection to browse without risk.

To understand the usefulness of changing the IP address, here is a use case. Streaming platforms (Netflix, Disney+, etc.) do not display the same catalog to their French, American or German client. They have agreements with production companies by country. By changing your IP address with a VPN, this also gives you access to this content not available in France on these platforms.

Usefulness of a VPN
Some VPN use cases © NordVPN

Whatever your use, a good VPN must meet certain criteria: first of all, it must be discreet. That means it shouldn’t bother you with pop-ups and it shouldn’t slow down your internet connection. On the market, NordVPN is known for guaranteeing super-fast speeds, very similar to that of your default internet connection.

Next, it is important for a VPN to have a large network of servers. These are all connection points all over the world: you will choose which server you want to connect to (otherwise, NordVPN assigns you one by default). You can very well choose to connect in Spain, the United States or Germany. It only takes one click and you’re done.

With over 5,400 servers spread around the world, NordVPN can boast of having one of the largest networks. It is also necessarily a lot of work to maintain it and preserve its anonymity. However, this VPN remains significantly cheaper than the competition when it shows discounts – which is the case right now. From a value for money point of view, this is the Holy Grail.


Monthly price

Our opinion : A very good VPN for security and anonymity



NordVPN wants your security

The VPN is already a real tool that pleads for your cybersecurity: it offers you a complete anonymity and he encrypts all your data when you are online. This means that no hacker will be able to intercept this data to misuse it. They are illegible, which is practical so as not to have your bank card details stolen on the internet, for example.

But NordSecurity wanted to go even further in its cybersecurity efforts. The European firm has developed antivirus features that compete with more traditional players. It is the only VPN publisher to move into this segment and it is right: VPN and antivirus are two very complementary services, they go hand in hand.

Among the antivirus features, there is first a tool that monitors scan the web to identify corrupt sites. If you come across one of the sites, it will warn you very clearly (a bit like some browsers, but more secure) so as not to be fooled. This also applies to all phishing sites.

Next, NordVPN’s antivirus also includes a feature that scans all files you download to your computer: this is often how viruses enter your machine. If it detects a malicious script in the file, it will block the download to protect your machine. Finally, it also offers tools to block advertisements and offer you superior browsing comfort.

To discover NordVPN, it’s here:

I use NordVPN

To give you total freedom of choice, NordVPN offers you a 30-day period “satisfied or refunded”. At any time, you can ask for a refund if you are not convinced by the service. But in any case, so you have 30 days to test this ultimate quality antivirus + VPN for free.

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