Meet Pegasus, the spy software that accesses the phone through a call

When thinking of spyware, many think that this is something that is only seen in Hollywood action movies, when the truth is that the use of this type of tool is more common than is believed.

One of them, with a mythological name, is extremely effective when it enters the phone’s software to access its content.

Is about Pegasus, a spyware created by the Israeli company NSO Group Technologies, whose clients are security agencies and governments that take advantage of this type of tool to access any device, either to obtain certain information or monitor the activity carried out by the user in the apps.

It is worth mentioning that Pegasus constitutes a private software. Therefore, those companies or governments interested in its use must pay around Half a million dollars for your installation.

Added to this, allow access to a number of 10 users to an iOS or Android system It can have a cost of 650 thousand dollars.

Taking into account its price, you can guess how important it is for the person or company that hires this software to access the information of the target device.

However, despite the intention of the developer company to help fight crime and terrorism, unfortunately its invention is being used maliciously by criminal organizations in some countries, making this software extremely dangerous.

To start working, the only thing that Pegasus requires is that the user of this software performs a call to the mobile chosen as target; without SMS, fraudulent link or sending a phishing email.

This is how Pegasus penetrates the mobile system, even if the person does not answer the call. Once inside, this software can access emails and messages, as well as information related to the location of the device in real time, and can also take advantage of the camera to take photos or videos without the mobile carrier noticing.

Added to this, Pegasus can record the conversations made on or around the device. However, there is a way to detect the presence of this spyware through a tool known as Mobile Verification Toolkit o MVTwhich is available at GitHub.

you should only install it on PC (Linux, macOS), connect the mobile and launch the full scan of your operating system. After a few minutes, MVT will generate the results that will allow you to check if your phone is infected by Pegasus or not.

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