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Another powerful Konka massage gun was launched

Massage guns can be used in a wide variety of ways, but that doesn’t mean every user will feel like using them. It takes a little perseverance and an experimental spirit, because it is not such that we are touched and a miracle happens, more often, regular use will bring real results. It’s worth taking the time and preventing trouble with it, you know it can be used very well against overload injurieswe can move our muscles with it before each workout, which loosens and does not strain the force. It works similarly to SMR rolling or pressing the tennis ball into the muscles. It’s also effective, just not as much as a massage gun. However, if you have muscle pain, it can still be used wellis able to moderate it and move healing forward.

The Konka F2 is not a starting pistol, as can be seen in its robustness. The machine can operate with a force of 200 N and a stroke length of 18 millimeters. Its speed can be changed in 99 levelsso it is practically infinitely adjustable. They add eight different headsso that we can use the most appropriate for each muscle group.

The battery pack is also really commendable, one six-cell pack got into what a total of 10 hours of operating time can be combined. It’s a lot of time, even if you use it every day, it still takes a lot of days, even a month, to recharge.

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