Apple iPad Pro (2020): 12.9-inch professional tablet on eBay at a bargain price

at eBay im Re-Store there is the professional tablet iPad Pro from 2020 cheaper. Normally you buy B-goods here at a special price. However, the iPad is sealed new with a full manufacturer’s guarantee.

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You can secure the iPad Pro (2020) in 12.9-inch format and with 128 gigabytes of memory on eBay for 849 euros. The tablet is currently hardly available in this configuration, but then it costs at least 1,049 euros.

That iPad Pro (2020) did well in the test convince above all by its performance and the good display. There were only deductions for the weight.

Although there is now a successor, the previous model is still convincing in everyday use and will be updated for a few years to come. You can use that Tablet also with pen. It is compatible with the Apple Pencil 2.

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