Despite the competition, Twitch is still number 1

The streaming platform totaled 1.8 billion hours watched last month, far ahead of its competitors.

According to the audience site, Twitch always crushes the competition. The streaming platform has counted 1.8 billion hours watched in April, an honorable score, and above all far ahead of its main rivals. By way of comparison, Facebook Gaming only counts 336 million hours viewed in the month. Despite a nice progress on his Shorts, YouTube is also struggling to establish itself in the gaming branch.

GTA V always first

Unsurprisingly, and as for 2021, it’s the game Grand Theft Auto V which comes out on top, with 127 million hours watched on Twitch alone. The Rockstar title is then closely followed by League of Legends (126 million hours watched), Valuing (108 million), and Fortnite (66 million). For the third consecutive month since its release in February, Elden Ring is also in a good position: with 36 million hours of play watched, the game still has a place in the top 10.

But the world has returned to normal, and as travel restrictions have been lifted, StreamElements also notices a significant reduction in viewing hours. “Based on what we’re seeing on live-streaming platforms, viewing habits are beginning to return to pre-pandemic levels as the world opens up again for travel, events and gatherings”believes Jason Krebs, commercial director of the analysis firm.

Nothing to worry the platform for as much: with its very good figures, Twitch continues to be the number one destination for streaming video game enthusiasts. And confinement has greatly helped this craze, recalls StreamElements “Even taking into account this decline, so many creators, brands and internet users have used our medium (Twitch) that even a down month in the future can rival the best months before the pandemic.”

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