Google Lens is about to allow landscape orientation on Android tablets

As we have already commented on more than one occasion, the interest in tablets is returning to resurface after a period of time in which hardly any attention has been paid to them in favor of hybrid devices.

It may be because we are already entering a stage in which the foldable mobile market is growing, and whose opening allows folding mobiles to become de facto tablets, for which efforts must be invested in improving experiences so that the use of folding mobiles can make sense.

Be that as it may, the truth is that initiatives that seek to improve the experience of using applications on tablets are welcome. Google already promised in the past Google I/O 2022 that I would optimize more than 20 Android apps so that they can work properly on big screens.

Optimizing experiences on tablets and other large screens

In this point, 9to5Google has been able to know that Google is testing a new beta version of its main Android app where Google Lens It already has the ability to expand its interface horizontally, making it easy to use on tablets and other large-screen devices.

Until now, it only allowed to work with the interface with vertical orientation, something that doesn’t make much sense on tablets, since these devices are more logical to use in horizontal orientation to take advantage of the entire screen area.

The funny thing is that Google Lens, integrated into the main Google application for Android, is the search tool that had yet to be updated, since the rest of the features of the Google application for Android were already adapted to work on tablet screens.

But as we say, it is a beta version, for which users in general will not have access to this improvement until at least some time next week, a situation in which it is expected that this beta version number 13.19 will finally go to the channel stable and therefore available to all Android tablet users.

For phone users mobiles, Google Lens in the Google Android app remains unchanged, always keeping the interface in portrait orientation. It is already a matter of other applications to follow.

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