SEAT and CUPRA call 27,000 plug-in hybrid cars for review due to possible short circuit with risk of fire

SEAT call for review To over 27,000 plug-in hybrid cars worldwide due to a fire hazard. This recall is due to a defective fuse in the high voltage battery.

“In the event of a short circuit, a faulty fuse can cause an electric arc, which could cause a fire and cause an accident”, they explain in the security alert of the European Union.

The affected models are SEAT Taraco e-Hybrid y SEAT Lion e-Hybrid manufactured between September 18, 2020 and October 10, 2022, as well as those CUPRA León e-Hybrid y CUPRA Formentor e-Hybrid manufactured between October 10, 2020 and February 28, 2022.

In Spain, a total of 1,742 units of these four models would be subject to this call for review. This action is part of a broader call organized by the Volkswagen group.

118,000 cars affected throughout the Volkswagen group

SEAT Lion e-Hybrid

early in the past month of Aprilthe Volkswagen group will call review approximately 118,000 plug-in hybrid cars around the world due to a fire risk, according to a spokesman for the group.

“During the extensive checks, Volkswagen has found that a fusible in the drive system of some plug-in hybrid vehicles may have defects in specific cases”, they collect in

“In the worst case, this can lead to this fuse not working properly in the event of an overvoltage.”

As part of the recall, an insulating mat is being installed in the high-voltage battery fuse box on affected models. Customers will be informed and asked to attend workshops.

In the rest of the Volkswagen group, the company itself Volkswagen to recall 42,571 PHEV modelswhile Audi will do the same with 24,400 cars. Skoda units are also affected, with 22,000 affected cars.

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