skewer the freak who enters your farm to skid with his car and kick him out

Los tractors seem to have gained some renown in recent months as weapons of deterrence, especially John Deere that tow abandoned Russian tanks or the very brand that immobilizes at a distance when Russia has stolen them in Ukraine.

This time, the scene occurred closer, in the French Alps. If anything, the scene that went viral is just as surreal. To the point of being able to give ideas to more than one.

In the small town of Montagnole, near Chambéry, an enlightened man had the idea of ​​entering the land of a local farmer with his old Toyota Tercel 4WD from the eighties to skid like crazy in the middle of a cultivated field.

Skidding, accelerating and skidding, the bad weather of the first days of April allowed him to do all kinds of figures at the wheel of the car. Fortunately, these did not last long.

The farmer, owner of the field, was quickly alerted and solved the problem literally skewering the car with a hay fork. The vehicle was punctured on both sides and removed from his farm.

Toyota Tercel 4wd Wagon

Toyota Tercel 4WD Wagon from 1985

The image quickly circulated on social networks, and was shared by farmers concerned about acts of incivility that seem to be becoming more common.

It’s tempting, but don’t do it. But it’s tempting, I have to admit,” said Denis Beauchamp, president of FranceAgritwittos, on Twitter.

Even so, the farmer had to testify at the Chambéry gendarmerie to explain this rather dangerous gesture. Finally, the prosecutor’s office in Chambéry, in France, has decided take the farmer to courtaccording to the Dauphine.

At the time, he told the gendarmerie investigators that he had a fit of rage. Fortunately, no one was hurt, but it is still a very dangerous act that could have ended tragically.

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