A kit so you can create your own electronic products

For those who are more daring in the creation of electronic products, from those who are starting for the first time to those who may have advanced knowledge in electronics and coding, Pico Bricks is an interesting platform that will give them the possibility to put their ideas into practice.

For it It is not only a development board with a series of prepared modules, but also includes its own breadboard so that users can use additional modules beyond the ten modules that make up the kit.

And in the encoding part, its creators point out in Kickstarter what They offer a block coding environment similar to Scratch, as well as their own software simulator.

More advanced coding users will also be able to create their codes in Python. Pico Bricks is also compatible with several platforms of software development known and useful for the fields of education, learning and the creation of products.

Besides the enormous flexibility when facing the development of electronic products, Pico Bricks also offers example codes that cover different scenariosmaking it easy for novice users to quickly learn and bring their ideas to life as products.

As they point out:

The Pico Bricks board comes with ten powerful pre-assembled modules that are already connected to the Raspberry Pi Pico so you can start coding your dream project right away, with no wiring or soldering required. Just focus on your art of coding!

In addition to the extra modules that users want to use beyond the ten that come in the kit, users will be able to print the motherboards where all the electronics will sit through a 3D printer of their choice, for which they also have the designs available.

The campaign has managed to far exceed the funding goal, with more than 20 days left to conclude. At this time, all the rewards are still available, and their shipments will be made to any part of the world throughout this coming month of August.

More information: Kickstarter campaign

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